20 Years of Boehm’s Physiotherapy

  • September 17, 2023

At Boehm’s Physiotherapy in Martensville, Saskatchewan, it is our mission to provide our patients with success and an understanding of their injury, in order to ensure a full recovery. Our treatment programs are tailor-made to you individually and to your recovery goals. In our last article, learn about Boehm’s Physiotherapy’s 20 year anniversary.

Boehm’s Physiotherapy Celebrates 20 Years – September 2003 – September 2023

At Boehm’s Physiotherpay, we are beyond proud to have been serving the area for 20 years. This year marks a big milestone for our business. It’s an exciting occasion for our business as we proudly celebrate our 20-year anniversary. Two decades of commitment, passion, and dedication to improving the lives of our valued patients.

A Journey of Passion and Care

For the past 20 years, Boehm’s Physiotherapy has been on a journey fueled by our mission to serve each patient with dignity, respect, and compassion. It’s been an incredible road marked by the trust and support of our wonderful patients and the dedication of our skilled team.

Founded in 2003 by owners Brad & Peri Boehm with a focus on bringing individualized physiotherapy treatment to Martensville and area.  You can read more about our origin story here.


The Vision that Drives Us Forward

Our vision, from the very beginning, has been to provide clients with not just treatment but also the understanding of their condition. We believe that informed patients are better equipped to take charge of their health. Over the years, we’ve strived to offer timely, high-quality care tailored to each individual’s unique needs.

The Team that Drives Us Forward

Since 2003, the business has expanded, adding highly skilled and talented physiotherapists, and administration to the team. In 2014, the doors to a new clinic in the North area of Martensville were opened. Our team of physiotherapists at Boehm’s Physiotherapy are professional and passionate with a focus is high quality care and individualized treatment. Our treatment programs are tailor made to you and your recovery goals. We want to see you return to the everyday activities you enjoy most, pain free.


Empowering Through Rehabilitation

At Boehm’s Physiotherapy, we understand that recovery isn’t just about healing; it’s about empowering individuals to regain their normalcy. Our focus on meaningful exercise programs, tailored to restore function and achieve specific goals, has helped countless patients regain their strength and vitality.

A Look Back with Gratitude

As we reflect on these 20 remarkable years, we are filled with gratitude. Gratitude for the trust you’ve placed in us, gratitude for the dedication of our team, and gratitude for the privilege of being a part of your journey to recovery.

Looking Forward to the Future

While celebrating our past, we also look forward to the future with enthusiasm. Our commitment to providing top-notch care and our dedication to your well-being remain unwavering. We are excited to continue serving you, our valued patients, for many more years to come. Book your appointment online today!

At Boehm’s Physiotherapy, we pride ourselves on serving each patient with dignity, respect, and compassion.


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