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Boehm's Physiotherapy

Our History

Boehm’s Physiotherapy clinic first opened its doors in the original building in September of 2003 in the upcoming town of Martensville. Young entrepreneur couple Brad and Peri Boehm, the owners, both applied their talents to the clinic – Brad as a physiotherapist and Peri as the office manager. Together an environment was created to properly assess and treat all types of injuries.

It soon became apparent that residents of communities all around Martensville and Saskatoon began to entrust Boehm’s Physiotherapy with their care. Through great patient care and community involvement, Boehm’s quickly grew their practice, added staff and after a decade of successful business in 2014, opened a new location in the Northern area of Martensville. The new facility boasts a full-size fitness gym for strengthening and re-conditioning injury. It also allows for team conditioning as well as high-performance training and rehabilitation.

Boehm's Physiotherapy Team in Martensville Clinic

Our Mission

At Boehm’s Physiotherapy, our mission is to serve each patient with dignity, respect and compassion. We vow to use all our knowledge, resources and facilities to find, solve and resolve each patient’s challenges. We will create a treatment plan unique to each person’s goals and we will not rest until goals are met.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide clients first with the ability to understand their condition, we then provide timely, high-quality care for each individual. Working with each client’s goals, we create a program of care and meaningful exercise to restore client’s function and achieve their specific goals.

The Team

Our state of the art facility is located in Martensville, a short drive north of Saskatoon. Our team of physiotherapists at Boehm’s are professional and passionate. Our focus is high-quality care and individualized treatment. We provide an understanding of your injury and give you knowledge of future injury prevention methods. Our treatment programs are tailor-made to you and your recovery goals. We want to see you return to the everyday activities you enjoy most and excel at your sporting activities. We also rehabilitate people that have been injured in motor vehicle accidents and work injuries, or post-operative recovery.

Brad K. Boehm, B.Sc.PT

Physiotherapist, Owner

Peri Boehm

Office Manager, Owner

Jadon Potter, MPT, B.Sc.Kin


Cohl Muntain MPT, B.Sc.Kin, CSEP-CEP, FCAMPT


Brooklyn Boehm

Marketing Director & Social Media Manager

Carla Dyck


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