Our Difference

Boehm's Physiotherapy

What Makes Us Different?

Our Flexibility & Location

We strive to see you within 1 – 2 days of calling. Located in Martensville, we are a short drive from Rosthern, Osler, Dalmeny, Waldheim, Saskatoon, Langham, Warman, Hepburn, and Aberdeen.

Our Teamwork

We work together to achieve your personal goals, be it sport, work or lifestyle oriented.

Our Experience & Passion

Our physiotherapists have a combined experience of over 30 years. Our team of three physiotherapists and 3 front desk employees create a personalized and caring environment.

Our Results

We have a long line of patient result testimonials and a loyal patient base.

Why Choose Boehm’s Physiotherapy?

For fourteen years we have been providing high-quality care for patients in the Martensville and Saskatoon area. We care. We have passion. We have knowledge. We have a skilled team.


We care enough to not settle. We want results. We take a firm stand on finding the root cause of the injury and addressing an effective strategy to rid you of the cause. This is done through manual therapy to restore proper movement patterns. Your care is exceptional and we expect to find and change the dysfunction that lead to your injury. Leaving our clinic with a solution that is real and lasting becomes our mission.


We have the passion to find the things that inspire and excite you with regards to your recovery. This passion fuels us to help you to overcome your fears and inhibition, and accomplish your goals and aspirations. We find and remove any obstacles that could stand in your way. This passion shapes our treatment techniques and constantly refines them to be more effective.


We support our therapists by providing ongoing education opportunities. We fuel this knowledge into a drive to continue to learn through courses and professional networking so that our assessments and treatment follow current research and innovation. Patient experience, sharing, and conferencing allow us to learn from each other’s experiences, allowing accelerated learning from the group.


We hire dynamic personalities with strengths that complement our clinic’s philosophy to be innovative, and individual to suit every patient’s needs. We learn, work, and inspire as a family from our therapists to our front desk staff to give every patient a high-quality experience. This allows our individual strengths to shine together for our patients because of this team dynamic.