Boehm's Physiotherapy

Giving Back to the Community

Boehm’s Physiotherapy has always been supportive of an active community. We truly believe that an active body makes a person feel complete. The programs we develop and support encourage youth and adults to remain active through their entire lives, creating a base of fitness, strength, freedom, and creativity. This base makes recreation, sport, vocation and leisure activities enjoyable and productive. This allows anyone with an injury, or without, to pursue all of their goals and aspirations.

Brad and Peri have been a part of the community of Martensville for over 20 years, since 1997. They have been in business since 2003. In this time, Boehm’s Physiotherapy has been involved in multiple sports, school, and community events. Starting in 2003 and going through to 2016 Boehm’s Physiotherapy ran a 5K and 10K charity race with proceeds going to various causes including the Volunteer Fire Department in Martensville, Breast Cancer research, Colon Cancer Research, Prostate Cancer Research, and Leukaemia Research.

Boehm's Physiotherapy Staff Biking for Charity

In this time, due to the excellent work of our participants and their pledges, we donated nearly fifty-thousand dollars to the causes and had nearly 700 participants in total.

Boehm's Physiotherapy Staff Running for Charity

Boehm’s Physiotherapy has been involved in extracurricular sports activities including volunteering on the medical team at the Brier Curling Championships in Saskatoon, the World Junior Women’s Volleyball Championships in Saskatoon and has played a role in developing training programs for young athletes for over 15 years. We have supported numerous local minor sports teams with donations to help with fundraising and support for youth athletics. There has also been medical coverage provided by Boehm’s Physiotherapy to teams at the Midget and Junior age in hockey, and at the Inter-collegiate level in volleyball. We also partner with the local fitness business in Martensville, SoulPower Fitness, as they provide excellent quality movement classes fit for all levels.